What is
Industrial Information Management?

Collection, storage, retrieval, display and analysis of production data unlocks hidden potential to improve operations.

Bring clarity to your
vital process information

Your people, devices and processes generate myriads of data. Wonderware Information Management portfolio helps you consolidate and contextualize that data for a more comprehensive view of how you’re performing.

World-renowned Industrial Software

With more than 75,000 licenses sold worldwide, Wonderware industrial software is known throughout the world for reliable collection and intelligent presentation of vital information. Our information management portfolio enables organizations to bridge the IT/OT information gap, access data throughout the enterprise and analyze that data to gain actionable insights.

Benefits of Implementation

  • Make operational improvement decisions with confidence
  • See opportunities for improvement
  • Prevent business disruption
  • Archive critical historical data for analysis and reference
  • Remove geographic constraints on company talent

Gather the data to dominate your field

Every day, people, devices and processes are generating a large amount of data. But without context and meaning, it's just noise. Wonderware Information Management isn’t just about collecting and storing data. It’s about analyzing down to the most miniscule details to discover the trapped value within your organization.

Who benefits from
Improved Information Management?

When everyone has unfettered access to the exact, timely data they need to perform their roles, the benefits accrue across all of your operations as well as to your customers.

  • Top Benefits for Managers

    • Cost control and revenue enhancement – Those who know their history are better equipped to profit from it.
    • Knowledge management – Capture unique equipment, process and people knowledge and use it to optimize your operations. Get everyone up to speed more quickly and economically.
    • Data transformation – Get data in the resolution you need to make informed decisions. 
    • Enterprise-wide data access – Put the right metrics in the right hands, desktop, tablet, mobile, and wearables.
    • Reduce IT burden – with cloud historian-as-a-service option to limit your costs, not your potential.

  • Top Benefits for Engineers and Operators

    • Troubleshooting – When things go awry, Wonderware Industrial Information management helps find out why.
    • Process optimization – Continuous improvement based upon historical information.
    • Accountability – Reliably collect high resolution data that can be used as needed to review historical events.
    • Event management – Get to the root of the problem with high fidelity information.
    • Tracking downtime – View the state of any device or asset at any time and see downtime at a glance.

Put Industrial Information Management
to Work for You

The ability of Wonderware Historian to handle millions of tags provides plenty of capability to collect and store all of your vital process, alarm and event data.

Unleash the power of information.