Value Added Software Services

Making the most of your software investment

About Wonderware Software Services

A full team of experienced consultants and integration specialists are at your disposal, anywhere in the world, to help get you to where you want to go.

Business mapping, project consulting, standards design and rollout, operator control environment optimization, project management and consultation on operations and asset management, cyber security, supervisory control and multi-site deployment – we’ve got you covered.

The beauty of Wonderware software is that can deliver functionality on day one, but can also be customized easily to take maximum advantage of your company capabilities and personal strengths.  We continually enhance our products to share our collective industrial experience and give you the power and flexibility you need to stay ahead.

MANAGE: Business Consulting Services

Bridging the gap between your current software capabilities and your business needs.

MANAGE: Workflow Services

Modeling, executing, analyzing and improving business processes digitally, to drive higher levels of collaboration, productivity and innovation.

MAKE: Manufacturing Execution Services

Ensuring consistency, adaptability and performance in MES implementation at single and multi-plant settings.

MAINTAIN: Operations & Asset Management Services

Expert assistance to ensure that your visions for enterprise connectively, operations and information management become reality.

Wonderware Supervisory Control Consulting Services

Reduced risk, faster delivery, optimal usability and maximum ROI

Wonderware's seasoned team of professionals, in addition to its System Integration partners, assures clients get the domain expertise, platform strategy and services strategy for a successful project.

How can Wonderware Consulting Services help you?

Optimization, regulatory compliance, cyber security and mobile solution services

Over the years, we have helped our users meet critical objectives in both the long and immediate terms. With our software, strategy and tactics at a continuum - not separate functions.

This is realized through...

Optimization Services

Consulting in Advanced Process Control (APC), alarm management, control loop tuning,  and off-sites operations to make good processes better.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Enabling cost effective safety, security and environmental compliance for companies in heavily regulated industries.

Cyber Security Services

Analysis, implementation and management to services to keep your plant safe from cyber intrusion.

Mobile Solutions Services

Managing the complexities of mobile operations for maximum efficiency of dispersed teams.