Performance Management

Extracting maximum value from your production lines and equipment

Making Real-Time Performance Metrics Visible

Your process is only as effective as the poorest performing equipment on the line. This constrains profitability, schedule compliance, uptime and safety.

Line and equipment performance management via overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring methods, for example, helps identify the weakest links in your lines and restores them to run reliably at their full operating potential.

When integrated with the plant control system, performance management strategies are supported by automatic capturing of production performance data and short stoppage events, freeing line operators from manual data collection tasks. With information views indicating bottlenecks, visibility of real time performance metrics and drill down analytics, stakeholders get actionable information to increase the line performance and operating efficiency.

Plants that have used Wonderware Operations Management software as part of their continuous improvement strategy have reported the following equipment performance gains:

  • OEE up by 20-30 percent
  • Equipment uptime up by 10-20 percent
  • Manufacturing cost reductions up by 10-30 percent
  • Product quality improved by 5 percent

Delivering Equipment Performance Management

Improving equipment performance is a multi-faceted task with a great potential for reducing time-to-value in repeated deployments. It begins with standardization of equipment performance metrics and KPI’s across the business. Consistent digitalization and unification amplified by emerging IIoT technology is the foundation for comparison of metrics, which improves business decision making and best practice sharing.

MES and Manufacturing Intelligence

MES and Manufacturing / Operational Intelligence software tools and information technologies facilitate this process in at least the following ways:

  • Automating performance data collection
  • Presenting performance information to stakeholders in real time
  • Facilitating team collaboration with self-service access to information and modern analytics

Higher Improvement Over Traditional Approaches

The result is higher levels of improvement over traditional approaches. Here are just a few of the results from the MESA International 2013-2014 'Metrics that Matter' research*:

  • The average OEE was 71, with the top 11 percent performers achieving 80 percent or better
  • Those with OEE of 80 percent or better had average annual financial improvements of 14 percent versus 8.6 percent for all others
  • The average annual improvement in Total Cost per Unit Excluding Materials was 22.5 percent for users of MES versus 13.1 percent for all respondents
  • The average annual improvement in On-Time Completed Shipments (OTCS) was 22.0 percent for users of MES versus 12.5 percent for all respondents

*Source: MESA international and LNS2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics that Really Matter Summary Report

Wonderware Equipment Performance Management Software

Wonderware implements equipment performance management through the following applications:

  • Wonderware MES/Performance – providing real-time line and equipment monitoring, along with equipment utilization events capture and analysis, all within a work order execution context.
  • Wonderware System Platform – providing both the engineering and runtime platform that supports performance data collection from automated operations and equipment.
  • Wonderware Intelligence  simplifying mapping of performance data to strategic measures such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as roll-up and comparison of OEE metrics from multiple sites.
  • Wonderware Enterprise Integrator  managing electronic information exchange between Wonderware Software and Enterprise Business Systems to synchronize work order schedules and provide execution status visibility to the supply chain.

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